Can You Refer To Yourself In A Research Paper

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The Related Work section of an academic paper is often the section that graduate students like writing the least.

But it is also one of the most important sections to nail as the paper heads out for review.

Write your Related Work section as if you were telling the cited authors why they should care about the work that you present.

After all, they are the people who will probably be reviewing your paper.

Structure A typical Related Work section follows a basic structure: The first paragraph of the Related Work section should help a knowledgeable reader in the field place the work into a general bucket.

Be aware of what is common knowledge in the community where the paper will appear to avoid giving too sweeping of an overview.There is a large space to study surrounding any problem, and your work probably makes a contribution.The challenge is just to figure out what that is and how to communicate it clearly to your readers.In the body of the Related Work section, do not just list paragraphs that each summarize a single related paper.Summaries can be a useful way for you to build a picture for yourself of existing related work.But these are the people you most want to listen to what you have to say!So rather than focusing on why your work is better than what has already been done, show how it builds on existing knowledge to provide additional insight.While I know it is tempting to do so (and I am even guilty of doing it myself), statements like this usually trigger an intense related work search when I see them as I review.It should concern you if you believe nobody else has looked at an analogous problem to yours.In an ideal world you would identify all relevant work prior to starting your own research so that it can inform your approach, but in the real world that doesn't always happen.You may have holes in your initial lit review, or related work may be published after you begin a study.


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