Business Recovery Plan Examples

Business Recovery Plan Examples-20
Having a prioritized list of applications ready to go is invaluable.

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It’s impossible to clear all valuable items from his home, so he has selectively planned to save what is the most important.

Whether we’re talking about your personal belongings or your enterprise’s most valuable assets, having a plan like this is the first critical step toward an effective disaster recovery posture.

This can make it easy to determine what to protect, since in many ways, compliance regulations already decide for you.

Most businesses, however, just need to restore operations in order to remain viable after a disaster.

(But most HR support systems have gone to hosted applications now, so this was less of an issue.) A disaster-recovery-as-a-solution (DRaa S) service would quickly solve the issues, regardless, providing straightforward redundancy for critical systems.

Related to HR were the servers that fed training content to employees, which were relegated to the “toast” category.

This doesn’t mean you lose them forever though: Using a service like cloud backups will preserve the training data until a plan can be formulated to restore the servers.

But the important part of the decision-making process is determining what to be online right away and what can be restored at a later time.

In the event of a wildfire, his plan is to grab the bag, cell phone, backup drive for the computer and evacuate in his car.

He’s willing to let everything else be “toast,” becoming part of his claim to the insurance company.


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