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When writing a business plan for a financial advisor practice, take great pains to avoid these three mistakes which each give funders reason to set the plan aside or stop returning your calls.Resting on Your Laurels Your financial experience that prepares you to be an advisor is certainly important to explain in your business plan, but this isn’t enough.An advisor I know saw his practice blossom once he implemented business planning functionality in his office.

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By tying goals into performance-based compensation, you can be assured the goals will be met.From blogs and articles, even You Tube videos, there is no shortage of help for financial advisors who seek to adopt this time-tested practice.Services like Acti Fi and Client Wise provide automated methods to execute client engagement surveys and uncover growth.At Private Advisor Group, we have leveraged Acti Fi’s Client Engagement Program with our advisors.PAG advisors who have adopted this methodology and technology have seen a growth opportunity of 35% uncovered.It is a proven fact that financial advisors who create a business plan and execute against that plan are more profitable and more efficient than those who do not.And yet, according to a variety of different industry research, between 30- 55% of advisors actually have a business plan.The plan must work as a cohesive whole to be fundable. Here’s a related article: Financial Services Business Plan.Don’t you wish there was a faster, easier way to finish your business plan?And while we all know the adage “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail,” many financial advisors ignore this basic tenet.I surveyed a few advisors in our office about why they had not yet taken initiative, and their reasons for not having a business plan varied:“I don’t have the time to create a business plan or the knowledge to do so.”“(Rolling the eyes) I know I need a plan, I just never get around to it!


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