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Of the current scandal and the practices he witnessed at Brown, he said, "I think everyone needs to re-examine university admissions practices and make sure we maintain a merit-based admissions process." Brown alumni also have (and will have until this summer) another form of help.

The Alumni College Advising Program provides free college counseling -- from counselors with extensive experience in admissions -- to the children of Brown alumni, faculty members and other employees.

It admitted many well-deserving and talented students, but many on the faculty recognized the university’s interest in having children of prominent individuals on campus because it generated publicity for Brown and sometimes paid off down the road in financial contributions to the university.

Looking back on these experiences, I can see that wealthy students had admissions advantages over the average applicant because the latter were not getting one-on-one meetings with faculty members or special consideration by the admissions office." West's essay is part of a forthcoming book -- -- in which he touches on Ivy admissions.

"As of July 1, the Office of College Admission at Brown will assume the role of offering all college advising services to interested families looking for guidance on the college admission process." As for the advancement-orchestrated meetings with faculty members, he said that the advancement office has stopped asking faculty members to write to the admissions office after meeting applicants whose meetings the advancement office set up.

A letter from a faculty member could certainly help a candidate at any college.Brown University is among the institutions that considers legacy status, and recent articles have drawn attention to other advantages that legacy applicants and wealthy applicants have had or continue to enjoy.On Thursday, reported, and the university and some faculty members confirmed, that the university's fund-raising office sets up meetings with faculty members for applicants who are either legacies or are related to wealthy individuals or others in touch with fund-raisers."I did so and wrote letters to the admissions office giving my impressions of the applicant.The university claims there was no pressure to admit well-connected individuals, but it was clear to me Brown thrived on its reputation as a 'hot Ivy' that had lots of prominent students there.But they do require colleges to be up front about their practices, and many Brown applicants appear to have been unaware (until perhaps this week) that the advancement office could set up meetings for applicants with faculty members.NACAC's guidance says that colleges "must make publicly available accurate, complete and current information concerning …"For instance, an alum may share that a colleague or friend has a child interested in touring Brown, and the advancement team arranges a visit as a courtesy.This is one of many ways we maintain strong relationships with members of our community." Clark added that Brown takes steps not to mingle fund-raising and help for applicants.Wealth and Legacy Status Brown enrolls some of the wealthiest students in the country.According to Opportunity Insights, a project based on research by Raj Chetty of Harvard University, the median family income of a student at Brown is 4,200, and 70 percent of students come from the top 20 percent of family income in the United States.


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