Bowling Alley Business Plan

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Although an easy game to play, perfection is elusive and no bowler believes he can ever master the game, so he often becomes a steady player.However, the game itself does not require excessive physical activity.Many are luxurious — attractive decor, comfortable seats, air conditioning, elaborate scoring and pinsetting facilities, a snack bar, coffee shop, or restaurant, often a bar or cocktail lounge, sometimes a nursery, and usually parking areas.

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The word "alley" sometimes is short for "bowling alley" and refers to the whole bowling place; or, sometimes it means the alley itself on which the game is played.

To avoid confusion in this report, the word "alley" is not used by itself; the word "lane" refers to the actual boards on which the game is played.

We don’t just lend money; we are also here as a trusted partner to lend you guidance and advice as you look to grow your business.

We offer loan amounts up to $5 million to bowling centers for equipment purchases, facility upgrades, modernization, refinance, expansion and more.

Figures on participation in bowling and on number of lanes and establishments were received from the American Bowling Congress, the Women's International Bowling Congress, and the American Junior Bowling Congress.

The two major equipment manufacturers, AMF Pinspotters, Inc., and the Brunswick Automatic Pinsetter Corporation, provided extensive help on design, layout, and size of bowling alleys through their architectural services departments.

Thirty-six lanes instead of 12 or 16 may soon be the usual size of new installations.

But more important than size — as far as planning agencies are concerned — is the change in location of bowling alleys.

A few definitions will clarify the differences in meaning between terms in common usage and those in the field of bowling.

Clarity is advisable, especially when figuring the number of off-street parking spaces needed for a bowling place.


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