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There's a decent book that kind of goes into building a baseball team and what GMs look for when building a team.I wrote this under the assumption you meant the pros/cons of sabermetrics from the perspective of building or managing a team.You'll also find that it's pretty hard to come up with a novel way of looking at sabermetrics and its impact.

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Really there is more than you'll ever need in that book both in depth and breadth.

The authors go extremely in-depth in their methodology of quantifying the value of sabermetrics in one chapter which sounds closest to what you are looking for.Additionally, you need to be prepared to account for other factors and coming up with a statistical model will not be easy.I realize that you're probably not going to be doing a regression analysis or anything like that but being able to accurately say: this team that used sabermetrics more than this team won more games is something you can't really say unless you have a solid statistical analysis (basically show that it really was the sabermetrics) or find someone who has already done that.We can write for you a paper on any of the sports research paper topics we have listed above!Commitment-driven and professionally equipped, the Essay Shark team provides its customers with exceptional high-quality assistance, which has made us a widely admired service in the online academic writing industry.I'm writing a school research paper over the use of baseball analytics and sabermetrics vs the traditional approach.I'm having a hard time finding data points examining the benefits and disadvantages of the two approaches.No good databases, just stuff like EBSCO, but I could probably check out that book, the chapter you described seems quite helpful.Yeah I'm looking at the pros and cons of using sabremetrics when it comes to player performance and I'm supposed to examine my argument from multiple perspectives.A lot of the book focuses on the current state of sabermetrics and what teams are trying to do going forward as OBP is no longer overvalued like it used to be.But there is an appendix where they get into the meat and bones of their statistical analysis. I will say, every team uses sabermetrics these days so if you are looking for a comparison between current teams that will be hard.


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