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Assign Drive Letter Windows 7-84
If not, check if the “hidden” and “do not assign a drive letter” attributes are set for the partition on the USB drive.Run the Diskpart command line and enter the following commands: After that, this partition on the USB flash drive should automatically be assigned a drive letter on any computer.In the list of drives, locate the connected removable USB drive.

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This resolves the performance issues noted in Another way is to put a share on the folder you want to map.

You can then use the map network drive option which can be accessed by right clicking on my computer in windows explorer.

If the automount is disabled, Windows detects new disks, but doesn’t automatically mount them or assign any letters to the new volumes. By the way, the automount is also responsible for the fact that the system remembers the drive letters assigned to the removable drives at the previous connection (if these letters are not busy).

To clear the saved associations, use the command Restart your computer and verify if the letters are assigned to the external USB drives.

It seems that some feature of automatic detection of partitions on the external hard disks fails. First of all, make sure that the Virtual Disk service is running.

You can check the status of this service in the services management console (services.msc). When the automount is enabled, Windows automatically mounts file systems of new disks connected to the system and assigns drive letters to the partitions.

Previously, in order to make second and subsequent partitions on the USB flash drive were accessible in Windows, you had to use a trick to make Windows recognize USB flash drive as a HDD).

If your USB flash drive doesn’t appear in the Disk Management console, try using a different USB port, cable.

To assign a drive letter to it, right-click on the partition and select “Change Drive Letter and Path“.

In the window that appears, click the “Add” button, select “Assign the following drive letter” and select the letter you want to assign to the drive (for example, H: ) in the drop-down list and click OK.


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