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Many schools f architecture also offer post-professional degrees for those who already have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in architecture or other areas.Other abilities may include artistic, drawing ability, and good communication skills will help with the presentations that you will have to do for you clients to sell your ideas.

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Those involved in the design of institutional buildings will be less affected by fluctuations in the economy.

Architects who are licensed to practice in one state must meet the licensing requirements of other states before practicing elsewhere.

History can be dated back through time by looking ...

Read More Abstract This paper is a primer look at constraints in design.

Architecture interests me the most because it gives me the ability to express my imagination.

The type of education that will prepare me for a Job in architecture is a Professional Degree in Architecture, which must come from one of the 111 schools of architecture tit degree programs accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board “NASA”.However, they often visit the construction sites to review the progress of projects.They may occasionally be under stress, with working nights and weekends, trying to make deadlines.Architects usually work in a comfortable environment.Most of their time is spent in offices consulting with clients, developing reports and drawings, and working with other architects and engineers.Employment of architects is strongly tied to the level of local construction, particularly nonresidential structures such as office buildings, shopping centers, schools, and health care facilities.Because construction-particularly office and retail-is sensitive to cyclical changes in the economy, architects will face particularly strong competition for Jobs of clients during recessions, and layoffs may occur.The Guggenheim Museum by Frank Lloyd Wright seems to have ...Read More All sites have a number of natural features that should be considered,determined and analyzed in architectural design.Read More Past, Present, Future Zaha Hadid once said, As an architect you design for the present while being aware of the past, for a future that is unknown.This philosophy is evident in the Heydar Aliyev Center that she designed in 2013.


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