Aqa English A Gcse Coursework

Aqa English A Gcse Coursework-15
Submitting all of your TMAs together just before, or at the same time as your NEA will not be acceptable.

This means that OOL/OHS will be responsible for; making your examination entry, helping you to transfer your entry to the host centre, dealing with supervising, authenticating and marking your NEA, helping with enquiries about results and providing your results slip and certificates. The “host centre” which you will need to find and contact as early as possible will have to be prepared to accept your transfer of entry and allow you to sit the written exams with them.

The fee that you will have to pay to the host centre should therefore only be for their administration time and invigilation of the written papers.

You must always be aware that the NEA is meant to show the student’s own ability to complete a project using their initiative and resources. In other words there will be a fine balance between the amount of help given and the amount of marks which have to be forfeited because of this help.

You should discuss this carefully and in detail with the tutor to make sure it is fully understood.

You should also download and read the JCQ document; “ 1, You must have regular contact with your tutor by telephone/Skype and email throughout your study time.

(If you do not speak to your tutor until you try to submit your NEA, the tutor will be unable to accept it.) 2, You must complete at least 4 Tutor Marked Assignments, a plan and a draft before your tutor can consider authenticating your NEA.

Students are encouraged to use research resources such as textbooks, journals, TV, radio and the internet and importantly to learn how to attribute and reference them.

Currently the subjects which we offer with part assessment by NEA are; GCSE; English (AQA), this NEA is not written work, it is an oral test A LEVEL; English Language, English Literature and History (all AQA) Any entry for these subjects has to be made through Oxford Open Learning where you will be entered as an internal candidate by our Examination Officer, Jenny Booth ( [email protected] tel; 01865 798022).

9, The AQA moderating process may lead to changes in your mark but this is beyond the control of OOL.

You can encourage your child to plan their project in good time, talk to their tutor in detail, use a variety of sources which must be properly referenced, hand work in on time, and stick to the rules especially those regarding plagiarism.


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