Approved Proposal For Dissertation

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The material embodied in the dissertation should merit publication.

In cases where one or more chapters of the thesis or dissertation have been previously published in a journal or book to which the author has assigned copyright, permission to include the chapter(s) in the thesis or dissertation must be obtained from the copyright holder(s).

Please see the section on Copyright for more details.

A false representation or failure to make a disclosure as outlined above is an academic offence and renders the thesis or dissertation ineligible for consideration of the relevant degree.

[ Top ] The general form and style of a thesis/dissertation may differ from program to program, but a thesis/dissertation should be a coherent work.

The candidate is required to designate the dissertation committee chair as a co-principal investigator for this study.

More information about this process is available on the Protection of Human Subjects Certification web page.

The supervisor must produce her or his own corroborative written statement.

If a thesis or dissertation is the result of collaborative work, then the nature of the collaboration and the extent of the candidate’s contribution must be described in a written statement signed by the candidate and approved in writing by the candidate’s supervisor.

[ Top ] Doctoral dissertations shall be on a topic approved by the student’s supervisor and supervisory committee, and shall include submission and approval of a dissertation proposal, including appropriate ethics review and approval, in accordance with Faculty and program requirements and procedures.

Dissertations must embody the results of original research and must be successfully defended at an oral examination.


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