Apa Dissertations And Theses

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During the course of writing an essay, report or other assignment it is usual to support arguments by referring to, or citing, information produced by other authors.

This information could be presented in journal or newspaper articles, government reports, books or specific chapters of books, research dissertations or theses, material over the internet etc.

This guide provides instructions and over 150 examples using the APA referencing style.

To find out how to cite and reference resources, you can use the A-Z on each page or the full page listing which includes links to all examples.

Thesis or Dissertation Retrieved from Online Repository. "Charting Citizenship: The Political Participation of Immigrants in Richmond and Surrey, British Columbia." Ph D diss., University of British Columbia, 2007. Sample citation for a thesis retrieved from an online database: Brillinger, Marc A.

Sample citation for a dissertation retrieved from Pro Quest database: Rose, John Stanley.

However, many universities have their own preferences for the format of the title page, table of contents, and other items that are particular to academic papers, so the manual doesn’t cover them.

Check with your dissertation advisor for the specific format prescribed by your institution. The authors guide you on how to define your topics, select a faculty adviser, schedule time to accommodate the project, and conduct, analyze, write, present, and publish research.

Feminine Fantasies and Reality in the Fiction of Eileen Chang and Alice Munro. For footnotes/endnotes rearrange the pieces of the citation below following the basic format of a book citation.

Sample citation for a dissertation retrieved from the MLA database: Wang, Yuanfei. Note: The examples below are for a bibliographic entry.


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