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People with a “Dramatic” personality disorder display dramatic, erratic, or emotional behaviors, which hinder their ability to have meaningful, long-lasting relationships with others (Comer, 2015).In the particular case of DK, her behaviors seem to correlate with borderline personality disorder....S Needs Psychos Most people today see the word ‘psychopath’ and automatically think of limbs in freezers, and masked murderers with chainsaws.

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[tags: Borderline personality disorder, Bipolar disorder] - According to the American Psychiatric Association (2013), it is estimated that nearly 1.6 percent of adults in the United States has borderline personality disorder (BPD), although rates may be as high as 5.9 percent of the United States’ adults, making BPD the most prevalent personality disorder (NAMI, 2016).

Borderline personality disorder is a condition characterized by difficulties regulating emotion, or a long-lasting pattern of instability in one’s mood and interpersonal relationships (American Psychiatric Association [APA], 2013)....

[tags: Antisocial personality disorder] - Antisocial Personality Disorder “Antisocial personality disorder is characterized by a long-standing pattern of a disregard for other people’s rights, often crossing the line and violating those rights.

It usually begins in childhood or as a teen and continues into their adult lives.” (Staff & Grohol, 2014) Individuals with antisocial personality often display deviant behavior throughout their life and are often classified as different outcast groups in the society such as sociopaths and psychopaths....

[tags: Borderline personality disorder] - Approaching Narcissistic Personality Disorder Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a disorder characterized by excessive need for admiration, fantasies of unrealistic accomplishments, and a false sense of grandiosity (Kernberg, 2007).

In current literature, narcissistic personality disorder has demonstrated to have a more serious prognosis in comparison to other personality disorders (Kernberg, 2007).One thing not everyone knows is that there are different types of personality disorders such as borderline, obsessive, histrionic and many many more.The two that will be discussed are Avoidant Personality Disorder, and Narcissistic Personality disorder....[tags: Antisocial personality disorder, Psychopathy] - Case Study 1: DK, a 20 year old, white female displays characteristics of a personality disorder, specifically a cluster B “Dramatic” personality disorder.Cluster B personality disorders include antisocial, borderline, histrionic, and narcissistic disorders (Comer, 2015).However, for some, these behaviors become distressing, or impairing in some way, and this is when problems arise.Personality disorders, according to Lillienfeld and Piotrowski (2014), are disorders in which a person’s actions, such as in communicating with others, showing emotion, or forming relationships become detrime...Is that generation the only generation who is affected.A narcissistic generation does not happen on it 's own. Doi: 2014.001.003 Introduction Amad, Ramoz, Thomas, Jardri and Gorwood questioned if borderline personality disorder runs in families through genetics.These symptoms cause distress to the individuals’ interpersonal relationships, and their functioning in society.Borderline personality disorder is a disorder in which individuals suffer turmoil in inter-personal relationships.


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