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There is a plethora of hard evidence that all historians and journalist agree on about his conquest and his life, but when it comes to his character the discrepancies are remarkable.“To some, he is perceived as a blood-thirsty megalomaniac who should be ranked in the annals of history with Stalin and Hitler, while to others he is a visionary devoted to harmony among races and a united world.

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This perception of the great Achilles also came from his mother, “She claimed to be a descendent of Achilles, the warrior hero of Homer’s Iliad” (Brown 1).

Perhaps the most important figure in his early development was that of Aristotle.

“Philip was ruthless and tough and extremely successful in his undertakings.

Some suggest that his great success left Alexander with a need to do even greater things just to prove his self worth” (Borgia 2).

Alexander’s parents, Philip the II and Opympias wanted the best education for their son and so they sought out three of Macedonia’s greatest teachers to educate the young boy. Leonidas was a strict disciplinarian who instilled in Alexander his Spartan nature which became famous during his Persian Indian expeditions” (Nosotro 2).

We know that Leonidas was so strict that he would check his belongings to make sure that he did not have any luxuries, because of this he was not a favorite of Alexander.History has asked us to study and interpret past events and from that research we should learn from the mistakes of man or use the knowledge to improve our current lives.Throughout the study of history we have hard evidence and we also get folklore, or tales of events that represent that of a game of telephone.Aristotle saw them as barbarians, while Alexander sought to unite the Macedonians and foreigners” (Nosotro 2).Alexander also had many friends that he held for his life, the most important of which was Hephaestion.There seemed to be a distance between father and son and it is documented that Alexander had a better relationship with his mother, Olympias.The blame for this could be that Philip had more than six wives but the biggest issue he took with his father was the marrying of Cleopatra.When no one else could tame the giant horse Buchephalus, Alexander succeeded” (Brown 1).His father saw the warrior in the young boy and told him that he should seek out a larger empire as Macedonia was too small for him.The ultimate goal of a historian is to accurately depict events and translate them as they occurred.With modern news and technology our future descendents of this planet will have no problem gaining a vast understanding of how we lived and the historic events that took place.


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