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Air Force Assignments Afi-68
Has gone to, or stayed in, a foreign country and, while there, has asked for or taken any type of asylum or resident permit from that country or its governmental agencies. Chapter 4ACTIONS TAKEN WHEN AN ABSENTEE RETURNS TO MILITARY CONTROL...4.4.

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Lost time, unless it is made up with the approval of HQ AFRC/A1.... A commander or supervisor must consider the impact on training readiness and mission effectiveness when considering requests for excusals.4.14.2.

If for any reason the member fails to notify their unit commander or supervisor of the circumstances regarding the absence, the individual’s commander or supervisor contacts the individual, documenting such effort with Memorandum for Record or email.

Has had access in the past 12 months to Top Secret information or other classified information that requires special access authority (see paragraph 2.3.7).

Note: Do not classify a person who appears to be a casualty as a deserter solely because the person has had access to classified material described herein.

Every effort must be made to make personal contact during the first period of the UTA/IDT, but not later than the end of the UTA/IDT.

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If contact is made anytime during the UTA/IDT, the commander may excuse, unexcuse, or authorize other training as appropriate, based upon the merits of the case.… It is incumbent on the commander, first sergeant, and supervisor to investigate a member’s absence to determine whether or not the absence is voluntary or involuntary.After 24 hours of unauthorized absence (0730 on Tuesday), the Commander will immediately report Amn Doe as AWOL with an effective date and time of Monday at 0730.1.4.2. A member who has been AWOL for more than 30 consecutive days will be classified as a deserter (UCMJ, Article 85). He remains AWOL through 2400 on the 30th consecutive day and his status is changed to Deserter on the 31st day (10th day during times of National Emergency or war declared by the President or Congress) with an effective date and time of 31 January 2013 at 0001.Note: An absentee does not have to be placed in AWOL status prior to being classified as a Deserter status if the member is absent without authority, regardless of the length of the absence, and meets any of the eligibility criteria listed below. commander has determined that the member remains absent from his or herunit, organization, or place of duty with no intention of returning. under the duty or travel restrictions that Do DM 5210.01-R/AFI 31-501, Personnel Security Program Management imposes. characterization will be determined by using the criteria in Attachment 2. when it is determined that the member is unqualified for further military service by reason of unsatisfactory performance or conduct (or both) ...NOTE: Members may be discharged if they fail to report to the ANG unit of assignment within 90 days after the date of release from active Federal service. Comments: "UTA" is Unit Training Assembly (drill).…3.16. Unsatisfactory entry level performance or conduct may be shown in a number of ways including, but not limited to:…3.16.3.A unit member who has nine or more unexcused IDT absences, in a 12-month period with the first month missed as month one, or has not completed a scheduled Annual Tour in an FY (unless substituted or excused) is considered an unsatisfactory participant.... AFRC Commanders are authorized to take the following actions when necessary and appropriate: Substandard Performance While on IADT/BMT/TT. If an AFRC member commits an offense that demonstrates substandard performance the attached commander may initiate UCMJ or administrative discharge action under AFI 36-3208, Administrative Separation of Airmen. Failure to complete a training course due to lack of effort or failure to achieve a 3-skill level AFSC.If UCMJ or discharge action is initiated, the unit of attachment will notify the unit of assignment and conclude UCMJ or discharge processing. (Exception: Failure to achieve a 3-skill level due to incomplete processing of a security clearance required for award of an AFSC.) Amn Doe is required to be at work at 0730 on Monday but fails to report.Amn Doe’s supervisor, first sergeant, and commander investigate his absence and the commander determines the absence to be voluntary.


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