Adolf Hitler Leadership Essay

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He always stood up for what he believed in, even if it meant standing alone.

Churchill spent many years trying to warn his people regarding the ever growing Nazi rule.

Hitler’s violent childhood thanks to his father led to hatred in his heart which was nurtured by those he admired and this became the basis of Hitler’s motivation as a ruler.

Their unhappy childhood turned them into history’s greatest leaders.

He never avoided making tough decisions, unlike other leaders. Trust another important trait required in order to be a leader.

If the people do not trust the leader, they will refuse to carry out one’s own vision.

It’s their unique traits and attributes that helped them achieve greatness.

The personality traits given below give us a deeper understanding as to how these leaders unified millions of people.

So what is it that makes them immortal in the minds of people even today?

What is it about these leaders that left people awe struck?


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