Acid Rain Research Paper

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Sulfuric and nitric acids, emitted from factories and automobiles, born up into the air, caught and absorbed by the atmospheric water, is then carried by the wind.

Overall the effects of acid rain on the environment have been devastating.

Acid rain can have very devastating effects in the creatures and the vegetations.

The ecosystem around us including the aquatic ecosystem is endangered by acid rains.

Acid rain refers to rain water containing acidic particles, especially sulphuric and nitric acids.

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Though sometimes by natural causes, air pollution is the most significant cause of acid rain.

Research papers on acid rain address a number of important environmental questions for the 20th Century.

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Although this fact is a clear reality, what is perhaps even more apparent is the fact that this phenomenon is the result of man.

Arguably, nature produces a large amount of sulfur and nitrogen compounds that are released into the environment; they are produced naturally by the decay of organic matter in swamps, and wetlands.


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