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For a more complete account of my view on abortion, and the standard one according to most moral philosophers, see my posts here and here.

For a more complete account of my view on abortion, and the standard one according to most moral philosophers, see my posts here and here. He defends the view that, except in unusual circumstances, abortion is seriously wrong.(Thus, as is standard, I call embryos and zygotes, fetuses.) The argument of this essay will establish that abortion is wrong for the same reason as killing a reader of this essay is wrong.

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Also, at what point are we denying this future then?

After the 24-48 hours of conception I would assume.) Conclusion – Since a fetus has a future, which is what makes killing wrong, killing a fetus is wrong.

She appeals to our intuition that having to lie in bed with a violinist for an indefinite period is too much for morality to demand.

She supports this claim by noting that the body being used is your body, not the violinist's body.

I mean by ion an action intended to bring about the death of a fetus for the sake of the woman who carries it.

(Thus, as is standard on the literature on this subject, I eliminanate spontaneous abortions from consideration.) I mean by a fetus a developing human being from p.755 time of conception to the time of birth.This resolves the standard problem of abortion which is to determine some property that makes a fetus more like a person than a group of cells—brain waves, viability, etc. Reflections – First of all, remember—even if think abortion is morally wrong that does not imply that you have a right to use the coercive power of the law to prevent others ending their pregnancies.To endorse that would entail a justification of the use of legal coercion on the ground that you are preventing harm to others (fetuses).The purpose of this essay is to set out an argument the claim that abortion, except perhaps in instances, is seriously wrong.One reason for these exceptions is to eliminate from consideration cases whose ethical analysis should be controversial detailed for clear-headed opponents of abortion.Such cases include abortion when continuation of a pregnancy endangers a woman's life and when the fetus is anencephalic.When I wrongness of abortion in this essay, a reader she presume the above qualifications.She distinguishes the right to life, which the violinist clearly has, from the right to use someone else's body when necessary to preserve one's life, which it is not at all obvious the violinist has. Do Thomson's more general theses generate a more general right to an abortion?Because the case of pregnancy is like the case of the violinist, one is no more morally obligated to remain attached to a fetus than to remain attached to the violinist. Thomson draws our attention to the fact that in a pregnancy, although a fetus uses a woman's body as a life-support system, a pregnant woman does not use a fetus's body as a life-support system.None of this shows that abortion is always wrong, just that it usually is. Neither sperm nor ovum can possibly be considered a person and contraception can’t be considered to deny all possible sperm and egg combinations which are possible since there are so many possible futures at the time contraception is used.(This might imply that contraception is worse, since it denies millions of possible futures.


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